The Capital City of North Dakota, the Bismarck metropolitan area is one of the state's most scenic places to find your rental home. Perched on the edge of the Missouri River, the city of Bismarck is the second largest in North Dakota and boasts a strong economy with relatively affordable housing costs - including apartment rental rates.

Renters here enjoy the city's excellent location in the center of North Dakota, just south of North Dakota's "Energy Corridor", and can find opportunities to get involved in the best the city has to offer or spend time away from their apartment enjoying the great outdoors. Bismarck apartment renters also have two hubs of higher education to choose from here: the University of Mary and Bismarck State College.

The role as the state capital has meant that jobs in transportation and agriculture have declined over the decades, while public service and health industry-related jobs have become far more common in the city. The power industry is also a major employer, helping to boost the average wage in Bismarck-Mandan.